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This game is great on a whole, but the feature I like the most about Sim Dynasty is Dynasty Dollars (D$), that's right internet money. If you earn D$1,000 dollars you can get a free season of Dynasty League baseball. How do you earn money? Its simple, for every win in Single Season league you earn D$1 and for every win at Dynasty League Level you earn D$3. That was all without effort. Also you can earn D$5 per week just by voting for Sim Dynasty in polls that help the site gain popularity. The final way is the easiest way to earn mass money at a time, Partner Merchants. These are stores that you can buy things from to earn money. It ranges from D$3 for every $1 cash spent to up to D$30 for every $1 cash spent, and they have great merchants to choose from.

Colin B. - Bordentown, New Jersey