Sim Dynasty

Dynasty Schedule

Upcoming Dynasty Schedule for January 2023

Jan 1 Deadline to renew Dynasty teams. Teams active for the last two weeks with enough credits and not marked as "Leaving" are auto-renewed. Expansion teams are made avaiable for purchase
Jan 7 Last day of regular season for 24 team leagues
Jan 8 Last day of regular season for 16 team leagues
Jan 8 League Division Series (24 team leagues only)
Jan 9 League Championship Series
Jan 10 World Series
Jan 11
(12AM to 2AM)
Offseasons run for Dynasty leagues (usually takes about 1 hour for all leagues). These run overnight.
Jan 12
(starting at 10AM)
Expansion teams are moved into place and have control of their team.
Jan 14
(starting at 10AM)
Amateur Drafts for Dynasty leagues. Usually takes less than 30 minutes for all leagues.
Jan 15 New season begins for 24 team leagues.
Jan 16 New season begins for 16 team leagues.