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Speed Leagues need replacement and expansion owners, teams available for a discount!
We have several Speed League teams that are looking for Replacement and Expansion owners.

For Term League Expansion teams, you will get a $25 discount off of the price of a new team and control the team for about 8 months. You will participate in an Expansion draft that disperses the players to the new teams. For Replacement teams, you get the rest of this 8 month period, plus the next 8 month period for a cost of between $45 to $55. For Subscription replacement teams, you will get 1 month free!

Click here for the current list of teams and signup links.

In addition, if you purchase 2 subscription teams in a given week, we will credit your account with 50% of the initial cost of a subscription team. If you purchase 3 teams, we will credit the full initial cost for one of the subscription teams. Just create a support ticket to request your credit!

Draft Population Fix, Part 2
One of the issues with draft population has been occasionally only having 98 or 99 players rather than the full 100, and a corresponding hole in your draft order. This issue has been fixed.

Minor Update
When looking at another team's Depth Chart, you have been able to select players to propose a trade; however, to trade draft picks you had to go through the Trade Desk. There is now a link at the bottom of the page to show the draft pick trade block if you are in the Depth Chart view.

Draft Population Fix
For years, one of our most persistent issues has been drafts not correctly populating. We believe we have at long last identified the issue and installed a fix.

Player Card Update
Player cards for players in merged leagues now show stats from both the current league and the original league; the stat years will be adjusted to fit in with the current league so you won't have oddball gaps. Splits still only show the current league, and totals only include the current league; I am working on getting those squared away as well.

Subscription Name Change
I've gotten questions about the PayPal subscription now showing "Teelo Technologies" rather than "Sim Dynasty". Teelo Technologies has always been the legal name of Sim Dynasty; it is named for our founder, Tyson Lowery. There has been no change to Sim Dynasty's ownership, it is just a display change on PayPal.

Dynasty Deadline Enforcement
We have gotten very lenient about enforcing the first of the month Dynasty deadline, and unfortunately it is (again) causing us problems, so we are going back to a hard deadline. On the other hand, early renewals will now be eligible for discounts. Details are available in this News forum thread.

Baseball changes for April 2019
Some small changes to the baseball sim are being installed related to steals of home and sacrifice bunts. Please see the Site News for more information.

Dynasty Schedule
In the past the Dynasty League end of season schedule has been manually posted in the forum. This has led to times were the posting of the schedule was not consistent. We have automated the schedule now; it will always be on your Help menu under Dynasty Renewal Schedule.

PayPal update
We are continuing to fix broken subscriptions; we have to wait for them to fail at least once to get the information we need to fix it. I have tried to proactively fix those I can identify, but if you have canceled your subscription in the last week or two, you may have slipped past my radar. If you get messages that you haven't paid and you have an active subscription, please send me a ticket.

Possible PayPal issue
I am getting numerous reports of subscription issues. I suspect this is a technical issue with PayPal. The symptom of the issue is that the payment goes into your Sim Dynasty account as opposed to being applied to your team.

If you get a warning that you haven't paid but your bank or PayPal account says you have, and your Sim Dynasty account shows the credit in your account instead, please shoot me a ticket. Thank you!

Access to old forums and U2U
Prior to September 2017 we used a different forum; the messages archived in this forum are available to view via the old forum browser The old forum browser does not support all of the formatting options the original did, but it does support attachments and display polls. In addition, if you have a highly formatted post you need to move to the new forum, there is a "View BBCode" link so you can view the post with the format codes intact, making for much easier copying. You also have access to your old U2U box. It is read-only like the rest of the browser, but you will have access to the messages at least.

Merged League History
For merged leagues, the following changes have been made to make it easier to access historical league data:

I have tried to identify and update all the merged leagues; if your league is merged but the League Info page does not show links to the prior leagues, please send me a support ticket.

Changes for February 2018
A couple of changes have been installed.

NOTE: If the tabs appear as a stacked list rather than actual horizontal tabs, you may need to hold down CTRL and press F5 (for most Windows browsers) or hold Command and click Reload (for Safari on the Mac) to force the style sheet to reload.

Changes to the Dynasty renewal process
We have made a couple of changes to the Dynasty renewal process. If you have marked yourself as Renewing, we will give you a few days grace after the deadline to renew. Before this, you had to mark yourself as Leaving and notify Admin that you actually intend to renew. After five days, if you still have not renewed your team may be listed for sale.

If your team has been listed for sale, and you have the credits to renew, you can go to the Renewal page and remove your team from the sale list by renewing for next season if it's not too far past the deadline.

Blocking Trade Proposals
As a group, we tend to have a good group of team owners who get along well. However, on occasion we do find that some owners find trade proposals from particular owners an annoyance, either due to the quality or quantity of the offers. If there is an owner you do not wish to trade with, go to your Help menu and select Block Trades, and you will be able to enter the name of the owner you do not wish to trade with. Trades will be blocked in both directions; existing trade proposals will be unaffected.

If you don't want any trades at all, you can disable trades from all owners, again in both directions.

Note that these settings are system wide, not just for this league. So if you block trades with SampleOwner, you won't be able to trade with SampleOwner in any baseball league.

You can, of course, remove trade blocks that you have initiated. You can't remove blocks set by other owners or by Admin.

Site Rules Updated
The Site Rules have been updated. Most of the changes are simple clarifications of existing rules, such as:

There are a couple of genuine "new rules" but these are essentially extensions of existing rules: Please take a moment to read the site rules as your continued play represents your agreement to follow them.

Mobile Site
The mobile-optimized pages are meant for small screens like phones; they may not be effective on a tablet-sized device even though it will be detected as mobile. The Help menu has an option to ignore the device detection and force the mobile or full site views.

Trouble With Menus?
If you are having trouble with the menus, there may be a compatibility issue with your browser.

We recommend that all users choose either Dynamic Below Ads or Static. You can change this setting by going to Edit Owner Profile.

Introducing the DynastyBot
For a variety of reasons, we have added an automated team owner called the DynastyBot. You may notice this in some Dynasty leagues this season, or in some Speed leagues in the future. DynastyBot will do some basic team management. For the full details and rationale behind this feature, please see this thread.

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Join your fellow owners in discussing Sim Dynasty, MLB, and the NFL on Facebook. We'll occasionally post special offers and giveaways exclusively for our Facebook fans, so please visit our Facebook page and click on "Like" to be one of the first to know and be eligible for prize giveaways such as free teams and T-Shirts!

Refer-a-Friend Program
If you like Sim Dynasty, be sure to tell your friends about it. You can earn free credits for doing so. Make sure you use the special referral link so you earn credits, you can select the link under Dynasty Dollars or simply click here.

Not receiving Sim Dynasty emails?
If you aren't receiving the verification email, or any other email from us, please see these notes that we put together on how to resolve this with various email services. Email Filters and White Lists

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