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Last postSeptember 21, 2017 at 03:11AM
LocationVancouver, British Columbia
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See the record [url=]here[/url]

Bob Horner League: [url=]Cleveland Buckeyes[/url]
MVPs - [url=]Cliff Janeway[/url], [url=]Lane Meyer[/url] (2), [url=]Edward Lyle[/url], [url=]Bob Dukes[/url], [url=]Reggie Dunlop[/url], [url=]Bob Salazar[/url], [url=]Troy Shaughnessy[/url], [url=]Rusty Forbes[/url], [url=]David Wooderson[/url], [url=]Bob Barnes[/url], [url=]Kyle Champion[/url], [url=]Will Bailey[/url]

Cy Young - [url=]Jack Lind[/url], [url=]Hollis Mulwray[/url], [url=]Eddy Valiant[/url] (3), [url=]Ira Schmandt[/url], [url=]John Gillon[/url] (2). [url=]Kris Ortega[/url] (2), [url=]Augustus Pablo[/url], [url=]John T Chance[/url]

Rookie of the Year - [url=]Minoso Torres[/url] 1972, [url=]Edward Lyle[/url], [url=]John Creasy[/url], [url=]Bernabe Montoya[/url], [url=]Reggie Dunlop[/url], [url=]Lance White[/url], [url=]Leon Fielder[/url], [url=]Rusty Forbes[/url], [url=]Takeshi Kovacs[/url], [url=]Elvis Cole[/url], [url=]Loren Visser[/url]

Fireman - [url=]Jack Lind[/url] (2), [url=]Ira Schmandt[/url] (3), [url=]Bert Shattinger[/url], [url=]Bernabe Montoya[/url], [url=]Peter Decker[/url], [url=]Augustus Pablo[/url], [url=]John T Chance[/url]

Don Newcombe League - [url=]St. Louis Stars[/url] (Founder): too much sorrow to speak of but finally won a couple of rings.

I used to "blog" about this team [url=]Here[/url]

MVP: [url=]Bobby Wiley[/url], [url=]Joel Goodsen[/url], [url=]Lloyd Dobler[/url] (3), [url=]Richard Chance[/url]

Cy Young: [url=]Willie Scott[/url], [url=]Francisco High[/url] (2), [url=]Nolan Dempsey[/url], [url=]J.P. Mason[/url]

Rookie of the Year: [url=]Joel Goodsen[/url], [url=]Buck Holland[/url], [url=]Eddie Felson[/url], [url=]Charlie Young[/url], [url=]Steven Hiller[/url], [url=]Len Thomas[/url], [url=]Charlie Grace[/url], [url=]Doc Sykes[/url]

Fireman: [url=]Hale Buchman[/url] (3)

The Graig Nettles League: [url=]Seattle Rainiers[/url]

MVP: [url=]Oswaldo Sanders[/url]

Rookie of the Year: [url=]Oswaldo Sanders[/url]. [url=]Al Bradley[/url]

Fireman: [url=]Doug Barnes[/url], [url=]Kirk Parker[/url]

Long Term Beta -

[url=]Detroit Devastation/Toronto Maple Leafs/Detroit Sons of the Devastation[/url] [color=red]World Series Champs 1981, 1991-94[/color]
[url=]Tom Giel[/url], [url=]Mike Powell[/url],[url=]Jesse Kamm[/url] - 3,000 hits
[url=]Bumpus Koster[/url]. [url=]John Trlicek[/url], [url=]Goldie Grant[/url] - 500 Home Run club
[url=]Mike Schoonmaker[/url] - my only 300 game winner

Blasts from the Past

Harmon Killebrew League - [url=]Boston Arrogance[/url] - abandoned, acquired early 1971

Worst team I'd ever seen, finally made the playoffs in 1981 after a decade of futility. Ended my 20 year tenure with ten straight playoff appearances.

[color=red]World Series Champs 1984, 1987, 1989[/color]

Lou Brock League - [url=] Washington Pilots [/url] Retired : My first [b]Dynasty[/b]
955-646 - [color=purple]1952, 1956 AL Wildcard[/color], [color=red]World Series Champs 1957, 1958, 1959[/color]

Al Simmons League - [url=] Baltimore Unions [/url] Retired: My first multi season team
1364- 1066 -[color=purple]1961 AL Wildcard[/color]
[url=]Ned Logan[/url] - my greatest closer
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