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Wowtworoosters201-09-13 05:59PM
chris.........tm4559001-09-13 03:31AM
Al Boyd (C) is availablethatrogue601-05-13 08:28AM
Things I love about Sim Free Agencytworoosters601-04-13 02:20PM
Catcher availableblumer5012-30-12 06:12AM
Anyone want Ozzie Greenfield?thatrogue212-21-12 07:11PM
Earning his six year contract in one yeartworoosters712-17-12 05:15PM
I have 5 free CPsblumer5012-07-12 05:34AM
anyone want this thing?blumer51012-06-12 06:49PM
Best thing evertworoosters412-03-12 02:55AM
How many steals would he have ?tworoosters212-01-12 03:20AM
Damn roostersblumer5311-27-12 08:37PM
LA Fanstworoosters210-19-12 07:58PM
Texas - Really ?tworoosters010-18-12 12:41AM
Those annoying early retirementsYankees102110-17-12 12:59PM
2003 W.Skyleturf30310-17-12 11:02AM
I have to extend my thankstworoosters410-16-12 06:47PM
*giggletm4559910-11-12 04:36AM
19 in a row?thatrogue010-09-12 10:16AM
Hey tmtworoosters110-05-12 03:09PM

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